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Frequently Asked Questions

Con Registration

This help page documents the basic con features. There are also advanced features for people who want to be clever, as well as info for writers.

  1. How do I register for the Con?
  2. First, sign up to AON. Once you've done that, click the the conventions menu option at the top left. When that page has loaded you will be shown a list of upcoming conventions on the right side of the page, including details of your current entries for each con. If you have not yet registered an entry for a particular Con, you will see a link "Enter now". Following this link starts the registration process for that particular convention.

  3. And then how do I sign up for games?
  4. Once you've put in the entry details, click save, and you'll be presented with a page that lets you signup for games or for GMing If you choose games, you'll get shown the timetable page. You can either use the grid timetable to fill in your details, or if you want something a bit simpler, follow the simple timetable link.

    Eithe way, once you've chosen the games you want to play, you need to put yourself into teams for that games - clicking continue at the bottom of the timetable will take you to the team page. Here you can make new teams, enter existing teams, or join events as an individual. Some events may also have extra info that needs to be added in once you've joined - if so, it will be listed with the team entry for that game.

    YOU MUST CLICK SAVE ON THIS PAGE. Any changes to your timetable are not complete until you save the teams as well. This includes dropping out of games!

    Once you've clicked save, you will be emailed a copy of your convention entry for this year, and you're basically done. :)

  5. Ok, I'm done... er, what do I do on the day?
  6. Show up ahead of your first session - before you can play, you have to sign the entry form (we'll have a copy of your entry printed out) and throw us the cash.

    If you're playing Tabletops or Freeforms, you also want to confirm with the event organiser that you actually exist and still want to play. At most cons, events have a table in a registration hall, and you probably want to leave about 30 minutes to show up, register, and confirm your games.

    Then you play :) Easy.

  7. How do I pay?
  8. All monies should be paid to the convention on the day.

  9. Can't I pay online
  10. No, we have not been able to find a viable online payment service.

  11. So... why enter online?
  12. All games are filled on a first-come, first-server basis, so it means that you have reserved a place within the events you want to play on the day.

    For the event organisers, they can see how many people want to play their games ahead of time, and get the appropriate resources ready ahead of the convention, like extra GMs, copies of boardgames or even just copies of the character sheets.

    For the ConOrgs, it means we have a better idea of how many people are going to be at the convention so that we can lay in food and drink, and make sure we have enough rooms for session to session.

    Everyone wins :)

  13. I want to make some changes to my entry.
  14. Once you have signed up for a particular convention, you will see an additional menu underneath the standard AON menus on the left. This will contain a stack of links to allow you to look at your entry, email it to your account, change with events or teams you're entered in, or even delete your entry, if necessary.

    The "current entry" link shows your your entry as it stands at the convention. "email entry" sends the same information to the email address given for this entry. Following the "edit details" link lets you alter or update your entry details, such as address and email.

    If you want to change your entry, clicking the "edit timetable" link takes you back to the timetable page where you can add or remove games from your timetable. Click continue to go to the teams page and update your extra info and team entries - don't forget to click save from here!

    If you just need to change your team information rather than event timetable, click "edit teams" to be shown just the team and extra info.

    If you need to withdraw your entry from te convention, click on "delete your entry". You will be given an intermediate page that lets you confirm that you want to get rid of your entry. Clicking "delete" at this point is final. This only deletes the entry for this convention, it does not delete your AON membership.

  15. I'm going to GM some sessions for someone...
  16. Follow the edit gming link from the left menu. You will be presented with a drop-down menu timetable and you can pick which games you are offering to help organise for. The event organisers are under no obligation to accept your offer, but it can help them see when they have extra GMs. They can also only give you superGM powers if you have offered to GM for their game (see advanced).

    If you have signed up to play sessions already, those sessions will be blocked out of the GM timetable and marked with the appropriate game name. The same applies in inverse - if you opt to GM a particular session, you will not be able to choose to play a game in that session from the timetables.

    If an event is not in the GM timetable dropdowns, this is because the writer/event organiser has chosen to not allow attendees to nominate themselves as GMs.

29 July 2006