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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Convention Users

This help page documents some of the advanced con features. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed there are also basic instructions, as well as instructions for writers.

  1. How do I register other people for the Con?
  2. If you are already looking at your entry for the convention, click on "enter another" at the top of the con menu. Alternatively, click on 'conventions' and look at the list on the right - for each con that you have entered, there will be an option to register additional people for the con.

  3. How do I switch between them?
  4. When you are looking at a convention entry, any other additional entries you have made will be listed at the top of the con menu. Your main entry will be *'d. Click on the entries you want to look at - you can only look at one entry at a time per con, so don't open them up in tabs, it'll just get confusing.

  5. When I look at my team info, there's an "admin team" link?
  6. If you create a team, you have certain admin rights for the team. If you follow this link, you are taken to a page where you can move the whole team to another session, you can change the team name, and, if necessary, boot people from the team who don't belong.

  7. I need to move the whole team around
  8. If you go to admin team, and then click on "move" below the session list, then you will be shown a list of the number of sessions at the con, and what each team member is doing in that session. If there are any sessions that all the team has free, then you will be given a menu that lets you move the team to one of those sessions.

  9. How do I get GM powers for a game I'm helping with?
  10. You need to sign up as a GM for that game, and let the writer know - they can grant you access to administer that game.

  11. How can I tell how many people are in a session?
  12. If you are looking at the grid timetable, sessions that are still open to more players are white with a checkbox. Sessions darkly greyed out have the absolute maximum numbers of teams already entered. The writer has indicated that they cannot take any further teams. If there is still a checkbox in that square, space remains in the teams entered, but you should only enter if you are part of those teams.

    If a session is lightly greyed out, then that game has as many teams entered as the writers can currently take. However, those teams may not be full, or the writer may be able to take more teams on the day. Unless you are joining an existing team, it is generally recommended that you don't enter that session as you may disappointed on the day.

    Similarly, if you are looking at the drop down timetable, you can only tell if a session is full, or nearly full. In a particular session, a game that is reaching fullness will have an * or ** in front of its name.

    If you are looking for a bit more detail, go to the grid timetable and look just to the right of the game details - you should be able to see a hotlinked (i). If you follow that link, then you'll be shown a detailed description of that game, listing each team and the number of people in the team for each session.

    This view also allows you to message those teams. When you send a message in this fashion, you cannot see who is receiving the message, but they will be able to see whom it is from.

  13. I'm an event organiser - what superGM powers do I get?
  14. If you submitted a blurb, you get powers automatically as part of having the game accepted. Otherwise, before you get any super powers, the Convention organisers or an existing writer need to grant them, which means they need to know they should. You can either contact the individuals involved, or sign up as a GM for the event - if you have offered to GM, the writer can grant you super powers themselves (see the writers info).

    Once this has happened, you can follow the admin events link in the left menu. You will be presented with a list of the games that you are responsible for this year.

  15. There's no admin events link...
  16. No one has set you up yet. See above.

29 July 2006