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Frequently Asked Questions

Writer facilities

This help page documents some of the con features for writers. If you're just wanting to enter to play, see the basic or instructions.

  1. How do I enter a game?
  2. Ok, first of all, the con has to be accepting blurbs - that means its in a pre-con state. Assuming the con is in pre-con mode, you need to sign up to AON and then register for the particular convention. Once you're entered, on the left there will be a link under events "add blurb".

    When you click that, you'll be shown a short form for putting in the basic information about your game - name, system, etc. Once you've entered that info in, click 'save'. All your basic information will be saved into AON, and you'll be returned to the editing blurb screen.

    At this point, you'll get a much longer form to help describe your event, including being able to submit text or files, provide details on trophies and ratings, add additiona writers, and so on. Each of the fields comes with instructions on the sort of information that you should put in, and the form should cover almost anything about your event you need to give the orgs.

  3. Ok, filled everything in, now what?
  4. Once you think the event is ready to go, set it to "ready" - that will let the conorgs know that its ready to be checked out. If they're happy, they can accept the game and you'll get a message letting you know that its in the system for players to start signing up to.

    If there's a problem, and the conorgs reject your game, you'll get a message about that too, along with the reasons.

  5. My blurb's gone!
  6. If its been accepted, the game will now be under "admin events" rather than show blurb. You can use that link to change some information even after your game has been accepted, give people GM powers for your games, add extra info fields or just see who's entered.

  7. There's no admin events link...
  8. If your blurb is missing, and there's no link, its possible that you accidentally took yourself off the writers list for you game. Contact the orgs.

  9. Ok, I'm looking at the admin page for my game - what can I do?
  10. The admin page lets you see your game's details, and even change some of them. You can

    Click update to change the details.

    In addition, you can see the other details about your game, when people have signed up to play or GM, and you could message teams, sessions or everyone that's signed up to play.

  11. I'm not seeing an Update button
  12. The event organisers might only have given you GM powers and not writer powers - GMs can only view the information for a game, and who is playing it, but they cannot change any of the details. (See below for giving powers).

  13. What's the game availability menu?
  14. As an event organiser, you can change how often your game is available in a given session, from once to as many times as needed. Please take some care when changing these values - you may be affecting players who are already entered happily into the session, believing there to be sufficient GMs to run their team. You can see who is currently entered and when at the bottom of the admin page.

    If you have changed any of the session availability, you need to click update to save the details.

  15. I need to remove a session entirely
  16. Please contact the ConOrgs to make that sort of change.

  17. I need to add a new session
  18. Please contact the ConOrgs to make that sort of change.

  19. I want to give someone else super GM powers
  20. Ok, first of all, they need to be entered into the convention.

    Secondly, they need to have offered to GM some of your sessions. Bear in mind they can't do this if you've set your game up to not accept extra gms. (See below for who is GMing when).

    Once these conditions have been met, you can click on modify underneath the list of current GMs. You will get taken to a page that lets you nominate each of the GM volunteers as writers (can modify your game info) or GMs (can just look at it).

  21. Ok, who is in my game and when?
  22. Right at the bottom of the admin game page is a table of sessions, and who is playing and offering to GM in them. Each session where someone is playing is listed and they are broken down into each team.

    If a player is italicised, then they have joined an already full team. If a team is italicised and has a grey background, then they have entered this session after it was already marked as full on the timetable.

    (Why do we let people do that? Sometimes people join teams they really shouldn't, so we leave the teams open so it can be sorted out without the right person having to wait to finish their entry. And teams enter full sessions because other teams might fall through, or the Writer (that's you) might see that there is a high demand in that session and add more GMs. If you are absolutely sure of your limits, you can set the game to have Hard player limits, which means the system will not accept further players. This is not recommended. ).

    The other column is for the attendees that have volunteered to GM or help organise your event. You are not able to remove these people from the list, but you are not obligated to make them into fully fledged super powered GMs and writers either.

  23. What are all these message hotlinks?
  24. Sometimes you might need to send a message to a particular team, or people in a particular session, or to all your players; or to the GMs in a session, or so on.

    You can click the Message link to go to the AON message form, with the appropriate people pre-loaded into the recipients field. Please note: because an AON member can register other people as convention attendees, sometimes the recipient list can be smaller than the number of players, or it can include people who don't appear be included in team or session you are messaging. Don't panic - the message is sent to the AON member who is responsible for that entry, and is probably the right person to contact.

29 July 2006