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Frequently Asked Questions

Member Details - Personal, Biographical, Games

  1. Who can see my details?
  2. The only people who can see your personal details,, like address and email address are the system maintainer, and yourself. In fact, unless you set yourself up as a public member, other members cannot even see that you exist. You can set yourself public by changing this option in the details screen (see below for what that implies).

    Once you've registered for a particular convention (see convention help), then the ConOrgs for that convention can see your details (just like they could if you entered by paper). And finally, its not until that you actually enter games that GMs and writers for those games can see your name.

  3. What is the difference between public and private?
  4. If you are a public member, people are able to contact you via the messaging system. You appear in the membership directory. Your name and username are shown in the directory, as well as any biographical and game-biographical details you enter - this does NOT include personal details like your address, only the information you have set via the biographical details screen. Only other members can see this information.

  5. Why would I set myself public?
  6. One of the goals of the AON system is to promote a sense of community amongst attendees to the convention, and being a visible member is one way to be part of that.

    Its a fact that many players base their choices of events on who the writers are for a particular game. However, not everyone is good with names, so being able to list a game biography can help jog people's memory about games you're run before - and get more people into your event.

  7. Why do you want my date of birth?
  8. If you are entering a convention as a player (as opposed to being an AON member), we need to know if you are under 18 as your guardian needs to sign the entry form. When you enter a particular convention, your age is calculated from the date of birth, so that it is preloaded with your other information.

  9. Do I have to fill in the Bio and Games Bio stuff?
  10. Nope, its entirely optional. We're hoping that you do, obviously, because this will help build a sense of history from Con to Con.

  11. What is my title?
  12. Optional - you can include a real or fictional title if you like that sort of thing.

  13. The Games Bio page is very confusing
  14. Basically it breaks into three parts:

  15. How do I change my password?
  16. When you're logged in, there is a link "change password" in the top right corner, next to "logout"

  17. How do I change my username?
  18. Sorry, once you've chosen a username, it can't be changed.

29 July 2006