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Frequently Asked Questions

Member Directory

  1. I don't appear in the directory?
  2. If you're not a public member, you won't appear - otherwise, you should be able to follow the link "your entry" in the directory menu to be able to see your entry.

  3. I can't find someone who I know is a member?
  4. They probably haven't set themselves up as a public member.

  5. Someone seems to have said that they are the writer of a game that I wrote...
  6. Let us know - there might be some simple confusion like years or conventions being confused as there have been more than a few instances of different games being called the same things.

  7. Are all these events on at the Con this year??
  8. No, probably not - we'd like to encourage people to put in the games that they have written and run previously. Why? Because often people remember your game, but forget your name, and then at the next Con, they go looking for you - much easier if they can start with the game.

29 July 2006