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Frequently Asked Questions

General AON Questions

  1. What is AON?
  2. AON is an online convention membership system. You can create a single AON membership that allows you to signup not just for one convention, but to any number of participating conventions.

  3. So, I'm not registering for a particular convention....
  4. Registering for a particular convention is one of the things you can do as an AON member. See convention help.

  5. But I really just want to register for the convention.
  6. Its still fairly simple - you have to create an AON membership, but once you've put in your details, you can choose the convention you're interested in and sign on up. Next year, your membership will still exist, and you can sign up for that convention too.

  7. I want to register multiple people for the convention....
  8. You don't have to make an AON membership for each of them - you can make one membership and register multiple people through a single membership.

  9. What do I need to sign up?
  10. To start off, you need to choose a username and then enter your email address and a password. You need to accept a single cookie to login. A username can only contain numbers or letters, and must be 2+ characters long.

  11. My user name is taken.
  12. Sorry, we can't do anything about that - first in, best dressed.

  13. I can't remember my password.
  14. You can get a new password sent to yourself as long as you remember your username - we'll mail it out to the address in your membership.

  15. Can't you tell me what it is?
  16. No, we don't store your password in a way that lets us do that.

  17. What's the timeout on logins?
  18. If you don't do anything in AON for 2 hours, it will log you out.

29 July 2006